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This is a sample assignment page. The assignments are specifically assigned to you, but you can delegate them to other departments as deemed necessary for help, assistance, for the sake of sharing knowledge, or as instructions. However, you are solely responsible to meet each deadline. Your assignments must be submitted directly to the office of the Administration Officer and not through this page. This page serves as your personal assignments page, and it will be updated periodically by the Administration Office. For more information, please contact the Administration Desk.

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Office Portal

Current Assignments




Your assignments will be consistent with the job description of your position and will be adjusted to deliver the requirements of the day, month and year to meet the company's short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. Your current assignments will be posted here by the CEO and updated as you meet the deadlines. The deadlines must be met at all times.

  1. For assignments that we have not received any status update, you will see: WHAT IS THE STATUS?

  2. For assignments that are completed, you will see: COMPLETED

  3. For new assignments, there will be no markings.

  4. For assignments that have expired, you will see EXPIRED which means they must be completed immediately before it turns into a WARNING. 3 warnings is termination.

If you do not understand the assignment, immediately contact the Administration Office (Vice President Mrs. Ann Bile).



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