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Employees Continuous Training Program


Step-by-Step Tutorials On How To Market A Website

Before proceeding, honestly answer these 3 fundamental questions:

  1. Why should a client be convinced of your product when you are not convinced of it yourself?

  2. How can you effectively sell your product when you know less about it?

  3. Why should they buy from you and not the other web designing company?

* Do not send a response to the questions. If you need help answering, call +1-510-240-2290

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Website Design Categorization


1. If your prospect is a large office type of business or government agency, your samples are:

2. If the business is a small private business, your samples are:

3. If the business is about cars dealership, car repair shop, or car body shop, your samples are:

4. If the client is a church, community-based, your samples are:

5. If the client needs an online store, book store, clothing, fashion, boutique, etc., your samples are:

6. If the client is into agriculture, your samples are:

7. If the client a Pharmacy, clinic, veterinarian or any type of health care, your sample is:

8. If the client is an artist, actor, musician, your sample are:

9. If the client a beauty salon or beautician, your sample is:

10. If the client is a commercial cleaning company:

11. If the Client is a Politician or Community Fundraiser or Seeking Elected Office:

12. If the client is a barber shop, your sample is:

13. If the client is a fitness or sports center, your sample is:

14. If the client is a Daycare, your sample is:

15. If the client is a computer company or renders IT Services, your sample is:

16. If the client is a Real Estate business, your sample is:


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