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Ann Baiden-Amissah

Vice President / Legal Affairs




Paris, France

T&T Web Designing & Marketing Services, USA

Date of Birth:

May 20th                                       Quarterly Review: Feb. 2021

A Bit About Me

My name is Ann Baiden-Amissah,   Apart from my professional activities, I am also implicated in church activities. I am the  leader of the church evangelism team and also part of the church leadership.

The Lord has also blessed me with a husband and kids. For some years now my life is around my family, work and church. It is difficult to invest time in something else.

What else can I say ?

I like watching documentaries on police investigations and reading detective stories when I have the time, especially in public transports, on my way to work and back home. My favourite author is Mary Hingings Clark. Some of her books are translated in French,  so when I go to the library,  I go straight to the detective stories section and look for her books. I don't really like taking chances with authors that I don't know because I won't read the books if the first two pages are not interesting. 

I also read some Christian books like God's generals, which is about women and men that God used mightily. Right now I am reading the books of John Lake and Dr Mike Murdock.

I also listen to preaching on YouTube, I listen mostly to Apostle Joshua SELMAN, his preaching always challenges me to  love God more and to acquire more knowledge about God.

My personal objective is to apply the JESUS'S principles  in my life. Which is  something that  need to be done consciously,  there is no hazard in the Lord.


Work Experience

02/2020 - Present

04/2019 - 06/2019

04/2019 - 06/2019

01/2018 - 06/2018

Legal professional and co-founder of CAAM 93

( NGO, Center of Administrative Assistance for migrants)

Internship Law firm of Lawyer Marie-Paule Mpiso in Brussels

  • Drafting of conclusions

  • divorce agreements

  • divorce petitions and formal notices

Judiciary interpreter in English and Pidgin languages

  • Police investigation

  • Hearing at the police station

  • Interrogation before the judge (in office and in court)

  • Personality survey

Internship Law firm of Lawyer SARR-BARRY Rokhaya in Paris

  • Drafting of conclusions

  • Divorce agreements

  • Divorce petitions and formal notices

  • Appeal against expulsion orders from France

  • Customer reception

  • Secretariat

  • Legal research


Sales assistant ( Camaieu boutique Paris)

Let's Get


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  • Twitter
  • Instagram



2011 - 2012




Master in Civil and Criminal Law ( University Libre of Brussels- Belgium )

  • Administrative law

  • Public law

  • Criminal law

  • Criminal business law

  • Family law

  • Civil liability law

  • Social security law

  • Foreigners' law

  • International contract law

Institute of Judiciary Studies (University of Nanterre, Paris)

Master in Comparative Family Law ( Paris VIII University )

  • Comparative Family Law

  • International and European criminal law

  • International and European family law

Law degree (Paris VIII University)

Baccalaureate series: economic and social (Gutenberg High School, Paris)

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